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In our century, when tastes and requirements change by using the most civilized production methods over time, we strive to move forward with a valid consciousness and a technology that develops.

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Pergola Awning Prices

Pergola, which means fringe in Latin, also means canopy. Thanks to pergola awning systems, horizontal and roof-shaped openings are covered with awnings. Pergola awnings protect you from the sun in the summer and from the rain as a collapsible raincoat. If we look at the prices of pergola awnings, it varies according to the condition of the awning. It is worked in the desired size and model. Since we are a registered manufacturer company within our company, our company, which does not know any competitors, is with you at very reasonable prices from the quality product market.

Pergola awning prices are subject to additional charges for desired additions such as additional legs, light closures, etc. You can visit or call us to learn about awning models and prices. Among these services, installation is free of charge. The awnings that can be used for balconies, terraces and gardens, which can be made in desired dimensions, can also be used with tilt adjustment. With the turning arms, you can give the awning the slope you want according to the sun. It can also be added to the awning system with a spotlight. You can achieve the desired image by providing illumination in the garden. Pergola awnings can be used in all areas of our lives, either automatically or manually, in the model you want. Don't forget to read our articles for more information.

Pergola awning will never go out of fashion. The most preferred pergola awning prices are the most durable product in order to be protected from shading or other seasonal effects from today's conditions. The absence of a door that opens directly to the usage area in the systems is also a great advantage. You can open and close the awnings with the remote control. In this way, you will be able to read your book while sipping your tea or coffee without getting up from your seat. We, as the Gardella Garden family, always care about your comfort.


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