It’s not a balcony. First in the world. Invention of Albert Genau.
Moreover, it is now both an innovation award winner and a world-renowned design award winner!

It is a patented design by Albert Genau. Tambalkon®, unlike the glass balcony, is a fully automatic, remote-controlled 100% erasable glass system.

Glass panels can be opened or closed by remote control. When the system is opened, it does not take up space on the balcony. It is also a balcony railing.

Siz sadece izleyin!

You press a button on the remote control and Tambalkon® does what it takes.
It opens, closes, stops where you want it. You just watch.

The ONLY Cleanable Guillotine with European Test Certificate

Tambalkon® guarantees the highest air, water, wind and sound insulation in its class. Rainy and cold days are over.

Patentli Tasarımı İle Temizlik Artık Daha Güvenli

Temizlik için dışarı sarkmaya, merdivene çıkmaya, camın arasına girmeye gerek yok. Panelleri temizlik moduna getirin.

Rahat, kolay ve güvenli şekilde temizleyin.

Tambalkon® is FULLY insulated!

Tambalkon® is insulating glass. It provides up to 5 times higher insulation compared to single glazed glass balcony systems. It creates a new room for your home and a new living space for you.