Gardella Bioclimatic Çeşitleri
What is Bioclimatic?

One of the services of Gardella Garden, the Bioclimatic System offers you a high level of modern stylish designs and thermal comfort.

The Bioclimatic system provides problem-free and healthy protection in weather conditions such as sun, wind, rain, snow, thanks to the panels that rotate in harmony with each other. While ventilating the environment with the Bioclimatic system, it also allows you to enjoy the comfort by cutting the sunlight in a balanced and perfect way, refreshing your environment. It is designed to drain the water collected in rainy and snowy weather from the support columns, ensuring that you do not compromise your comfort in bad weather conditions. It can be used for many years as it is resistant to all harsh weather conditions in nature.

Gardella Garden Bioclimatic pergola system; Perfectly combined with sensors, panels, lighting and various accessories, it makes your Bioclimatic system more elegant. As Gardella Garden, we continue to offer you effective and precise solutions even in the most challenging weather conditions with the Bioclimatic system.

Integrated LED Lights

LED lights mounted directly on the rotating blades can be seamlessly integrated into your bioclimatic system. You can adjust the intensity of the light according to the ambience you want for the evenings.


Sensors protect your space by changing the inclination of the blades according to the weather conditions. The blades close automatically in case of rain and open in case of wind.

Remote control

With the remote control, manage the direction of the blades, the position of the blinds and the light intensity. All your equipment can be activated and controlled remotely.