Gardella Rolling Roof Çeşitleri

Rolling Roof, which will provide you with maximum benefit by adding air to your spaces, allows you to use it comfortably for many years in your home, cafe or restaurant and many other areas, and it allows you to spend pleasant times in your space with its aesthetic appearance.

With many color alternatives, we design Rolling Roof in the colors you choose without any harmony problems in your spaces. It has a difference from retractable and retractable roofs. You can turn your open spaces into a closed space whenever you want, thanks to the assembly process that it does while folding. We design the panels in the Rolling Roof system for you to get maximum efficiency from the light and sunlight. Thus, it is not only a project that does not deprive you of light, but also becomes a whole with your space and you. You can easily clean the Rolling Roof system by collecting the system by making a folding movement. Thanks to this folding action, the panels of the Rolling Roof can be easily cleaned.


The Rolling Roof project not only adds an aesthetic and stylish look to the environment it is in, but also meets the needs of every space in the best way thanks to its unique movement systems. Rolling Roof’s special panels provide protection against adverse weather conditions and continue to make thermal insulation in the most professional way throughout all four seasons.

It gives you the comfort of warmth even in cold weather. The most important feature of Rolling Roof, which is different from other systems, is that thanks to its special panels, it opens halfway in rainy weather so that the interior does not get rain, and prevents your space from being stuffy. Rolling Roof is an extremely safe system and can be easily cleaned when required.


If we talk about the motion features of our Rolling Roof system;
The panels turn around and close in a controlled manner.
It can be stopped at the desired point according to the light, air and heat requirements of the place.
Gardella Garden Rolling Roof systems are designed to adapt to all kinds of spaces.
Thanks to this system, terrace, winter garden, cafe, etc. Warm, comfortable, airy and bright living spaces can be created in the spaces.
For those who want to get a more flashy look, it can be equipped using LED lights.