About the System

The most important feature of Zac Kit is that it can be cut in length and high quality folding tulle is used. It is the most suitable folding fly screen system for the door. In addition to its reasonable price and easy use, the fact that it has a small number of profiles and accessories provides ease of assembly. It is very practical and the Kit can be shortened to many door sizes. The bottom rail of the Inside Mounting allows for easy passage without getting stuck with its height of only 7 mm.

The system can be painted in all RAL colors in our electrostatic powder coating facility. In addition, wood veneer can be coated in our transfer printing facility without long waiting times.


* It is a folding mosquito net system and the kit length can be shortened by 40 cm.
* It has easy assembly and application feature.
* Although it is an aesthetic solution suitable for frequent work, it can be served as anodized or wooden coated.