Gardella Zip Perde Çeşitleri
What is Zip Curtain?

Zip Curtain is an indispensable decoration tool, especially in hot climates. Zip Curtain systems are versatile and can protect your areas away from sudden rains and city sunlight in summer without disturbing your outdoor comfort. Both functional and aesthetic, zip curtains also help save energy by providing the necessary insulation.

Why Zip Curtain

Regions with an average of 9 hours of sunshine per day with modest seasonal precipitation. Possibility to choose zip curtains according to what you want to resist wind, rain, sun, leaves or curious neighbors.

Outdoor And Indoor Zip Curtain

When it comes to exterior and interior harmony, home, workplace and offices look more beautiful, stylish and elegant with zip curtains that adapt very stylishly to any environment. Zip Curtains also have winter garden curtain models that are placed on the glass parts of environments with glass ceilings such as cafes, villas, and similar winter gardens, and they are highly preferred. It fascinates those who see it with the wonderful image it provides.

For this reason, it is becoming increasingly common in homes, workplaces and offices. Zip curtain types offer a healthy environment with 0 impermeability in preventing UV rays, wind and water leaks as well as pests and insects from outside.

For this reason, these curtains allow them to enjoy the season in the environment they are used in, and zip curtains, which are produced with beautiful and different colors and models, are extremely suitable for their users in terms of adaptation to the space.

Zip Curtain Features

It is extremely resistant to sunlight.
It has an aesthetic structure.
It has great advantages in terms of control.
Special colors are available for exteriors upon request.
It is made of a special fabric that is waterproof.
Protects the environment used in harsh weather conditions.
It is highly resistant to strong winds.
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