Glass Railing System - Linera

The DNA of the Glass Railing System was reinterpreted with the Albert Genau R&D team. Meet the New Generation Glass Railing System “Linera”, it offers perfect solutions for everything you need.

Quality, safety, durability, aesthetics, functionality, feasibility and creativity are Linera’s genetic codes.

A staircase, terrace, balcony or stadium… Choose your application area. Linera meets all technical and safety requirements.

Technicial Specifications

Our glass balustrade system provides an excellent view as well as safety for a wide range of uses. This newly designed balustrade offers a unique mounting method that can be done entirely from inside the balcony, keeping human safety at the maximum level. Glass panels up to 1300 mm high with thicknesses between 16.76 mm and 21.52 mm can be used in this railing system. Thanks to the special interior adjustment kit, glass alignment up to 40mm (1.8 degrees) is possible for glass panels with a height of 1300mm. The mounting difficulties caused by the recesses and protrusions on the floor can be eliminated with the adjustable side cover profile.