Gardella Motorlu Kasetli Tente Çeşitleri
Motorized Cassette Awning

The Motorized Cassette Awning is the remote-controlled model that has the most elegant appearance in its openable awning class and occupies the least space when closed. This system, which has Full Motor Cassette Awning and Half Motor Cassette Awning models, is the most aesthetic and qualified shade system among our products. The mechanical and fabric system of the product is protected by the full cassette module in aluminum structure, keeping it clean without the need for maintenance. Its aluminum body, which adds extra resistance to the system, completely adapts to your space with its modest appearance in closed position. If you want, you can make your awning protected against adverse weather conditions with the help of sensors, even if you are not at home.

It is the most modern and advanced product of the system. When this model is closed, the mechanism and fabric remain completely in the cassette. Motorized Cassette awning not only provides shade but also adds aesthetics to facades with its impressive design. With the advantage of having a compact design, it protects the fabric and the working mechanism from natural conditions.

In the Motorized Cassette awning model, the PVC coated Aluminum protection on the fabric collection part ensures that the fabric is protected from external factors even when the awning is in the open position. In one feature of this model, the awning fabric is cleaned with the help of the cleaning brush on the top cover of the cassette.

Fabric used in Motorized Cassette Awning system

Acrylic fabric is used in the Motorized Cassette Awning system. The acrylic fabric imported from abroad is covered by the 5-year non-fading, waterproof and anti-corrosion guarantee.

The Motor used in the Motorized Cassette Awning system

Motorized Cassette Awning system works with a remote-controlled tubular motor, the motor used is imported from France, the brand of the product is Somfy, in addition to the automation option, Wind vane Sun and Rain sensor is used

Motorized Cassette Awning System Features

The Motorized Cassette awning system is the most modern and advanced product in our product range. It not only provides shade, but also has an impressive design and adds an aesthetic appearance to the facades. Its fabric and working mechanism are not affected by natural conditions.