Handrail Railing System with Insulating Glass

Balumax Handrail Balustrade System is the first and only glass balcony system designed in Turkey, and is a double-glazed handrail system. Isicam handrail system is designed to combine the elegance of glass handrail systems with insulation.

Integration with Isıcam

Albert Genau took the sector one step further in balcony insulation with the Glass Balcony System with Insulating Glass. Now, it is taking the handrail of the livable balconies to the next level along with the glass balcony. In addition to the glass-balcony system with a glass thickness of 28 mm on the balcony, it offers a handrail system with a glass thickness of 28 mm that will provide equal insulation.

Glass Balcony Integration

Balumax New Generation Balustrade-Balustrade System has emerged as a fully integrated system with Albert Genau Balcony Systems. The upper profile structure has been designed specifically for both our folding and sliding glass balcony systems and with all the details in mind.

Intelligent Water Drain System

Focusing on one of the important shortcomings of the handrail systems, Balumax designers developed the Intelligent Water Drain system. The water transferred from the glass balcony systems applied on the handrail is uninterruptedly discharged with the gradual pooling system.