Photocell and Revolving Doors

The technology of the ES 200 Easy movement sets new trends
In Dormakaba Automatic Sliding Doors, the ES 200 Easy mechanism, developed with superior German technology, offers flexible solutions suitable for the doors in your project with its slim structure, extraordinary performance and wide variety of functions.

The ES 200 Easy mechanism, which has passed the on-off test of 1,000,000 times, has a reliable performance with its high quality and modular structure.

ES 200, ES 200 Easy, ES 75 can be selected as needed
All dormakaba automatic sliding doors offer a wide variety of application options for custom-designed entrance doors of structures. The mechanism according to the need can be selected for transparent doors with Manet holders where the glass is in the foreground and for all other thin/thick/heat insulated aluminum framed wing doors. Automatic sliding door mechanisms not only meet all needs, but also create new standards with their different functions, movement paths, design and integration into building automation systems.

Features and Advantages
• Unmatched scope of performance
• Easy adaptation to specially designed doors
• Use in emergency exit and escape routes
• A cost advantage and reliability in every way with its components and quality-assured production.
• Numerous adjustable parameters
• Wide range of standard connection possibilities
• Self-learning feature
• Produced in accordance with the latest technology, equipment and standards.