RWT 55 PVC Profile Systems have been produced by following the developments in the world very closely. This success of ASAŞ has made the profiles and systems it produces gain a well-deserved reputation both at home and abroad. It is a PVC glass system product in quality standards that adds value to our country.

It is used in more than 60 countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Iran, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Australia, Egypt, Algeria, Kenya, India, Ghana, Mexico, Balkan Countries, Arabian Peninsula Countries, Latin America.

Our PVC Profile Systems, which have proven their sustainable quality in conditions between -70 °C and +60 °C and have high UV resistance; It is preferred in very different climatic conditions from Dubai to Siberia and South America.

• Case Depth: 55 mm
• Wing Depth: 65 mm
• Profile Wall Thickness: 1.6 / 1.8 / 2 mm
• Max Glass Thickness: 36 mm
• Heat Barrier: 14.8 mm
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